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Welcome to Illumiglow USA

We are the professional source for commercial grade, high quality chemical light and marking products. Illumiglow light sticks are developed and used in many industries including the Military, Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Traffic Control, Medical Services, Traffic Services and more.

Illumiglow USA's Primary mission is to design, develop and manufacture the very highest quality chemical light and marking products available. An on demand light source that doesn't require fire or batteries can be essential in vital situations including war, traffic accidents and natural disasters. We are commited to providing high quality fail-proof products at an economically acceptable price.

Illumiglow Mini Range

Illumiglow Mini Range The Illumiglow Mini Range includes small but effective 1.5", and 2" lightsticks that are ideal for marking evidence at a crime scene, breadcrumb trails, cockpit lighting and many other specialist uses for the commercial sector, law enforcement and military.

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Illumiglow Extreme Range

Illumiglow Extreme Range The Illumiglow Extreme Range is our most popular including versatile 4" - 6" lightsticks, and a 7.5" wristband. These products work great for all-purpose lighting and have countless uses including personnel marking, and inclusion in emergency preparation kits.

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Illumiglow Wand Range

Illumiglow Wand Range The Illumiglow Wand Range includes large 10" and 15" lightsticks that emit the strongest light out of all our products. These wands are very versatile and can be used to light a room or large space, mark out large areas, and guide traffic or aircraft.

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